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balconies POOL FENCING

Sunshine State Balustrades pool fences are custom designed and manufactured in-house at our Warana Workshop. With our extensive knowledge of pool regulations you can have faith and confidence in enlisting our services.

We discuss your requirements and plan this out using CAD drafting and at all stages maintain full communication to ensure you achieve your desired pool fence.

balconies MATERIALS

We offer various types of pool fencing to suit your own personal taste and budget.All materials used nevertheless, are of top quality and are appropriate to the location and application. Pool fencing can be made from one or more of the following materials:-  Stainless Steel, Powdercoated Aluminium or Glass.  To find out the difference between Stainless & Aluminium please visit our FAQ's page.


Our glass is Toughened and stamped with a small logo confirming the Australian Standard Licence Number, ensuring safety and peace of mind. We can offer standard or customised glass which comes in 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm.  Glass gives a feeling of space and light whilst acting as a wind and noise barrier.

One of the advantages of glass from a safety perspective is that it’s extremely difficult to climb as a child wouldn't be able to get a foot between the glass unlike the balustrades of more traditional fences.

balconies TYPES

There are 3 types of pool fencing to choose from:-

Farmed pool fencing

1. Framed Pool Fencing
We use either Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Aluminium Balustrade (full Dulux colour range available on request). 

Glass Pool Fencing of which can be further divided into:- 

Semi-frameless aluminium pool fence

2. Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing This offers a combination of Glass and full height Posts, in which the glass is set into the posts.
These can be made from stainless steel or aluminium. Aluminium come in a choice of round or square. Stainless steel come in only round, however, you also have the option of having friction D-Clamps which are used to support the glass. 


framelss pool fencing

3. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – Spigot Mounted 

Aethetically these provide a feeling of space and an uninterrupted view whist adding a touch of class to the pool and entertainment area. The glass is held in place with spigots of which can be made from Stainless Steel or Aluminium – providing a classic look.

Stainless Steel Spigot

They are the most popular due to their designer appeal and are of high grade and are a little more expensive due to the stainless steel hardware and core drilling.  We use 12mm for our frameless glass pool fencing to ensure strength.

pool fencing mixture of frameless and framed


These 3 types can be mixed ie. Semi-frameless at the front, with fully
framed around the sides and rear of the pool fence. Thus ensuring views are maximised and costs minimised.



Please note depending upon the location/nature of the pool fence you may be required to have rail to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

balconies SAFETY

Child Safety is of paramount importance where pools are concerned, as pools are the no. 1 cause of accidental death. At Sunshine State Balustrades we recognise the upmost importance of ensuring this safety by providing high quality pool fencing solutions which meet the strict regulations whilst not sacrificing your visual outlook or style. Our pool fences will add value not only in dollars but aesthetically with a timeless beauty.


Pool Gate

All our pool fences include a child-safe gate locking system with self-closing hinges. As mentioned above – our glass is toughened ensuring maximum safety.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the regulations and extensive experience we are able to offer some guidance on design, however, as a pool owner you also have a responsibility to make yourself aware of the pool regulations.  As a pool owner you are not only responsible for the installation of an appropriate fence but also the ongoing maintenance of your pool fence. For this reason it is importance to always choose a good quality pool fence. Depending upon when the pool was built will depend upon which regulations apply.If you are unsure of when your pool was constructed you can contact the council who may have a record.

Please visit and also, and for copies of the regulations.  

If the pool is new then the building certifier who approved the application for construction must inspect and certify your pool fence before the pool is filled. A building certifier can be a private building certifier or a council building certifier. If you are building a new fence to replace an existing fence which was originally certified by local council then the new fence must also be inspected and certified by local council.